VFM Services warns insurers of fraudulent claims ahead of the festive season

VFM Services, the pioneers of conversation management, warns insurers to be vigilant over the next couple of months, as fraudulent claims are expected to rise significantly over the festive season. Continue reading

VFM Fraud Index reveals exaggeration biggest volume of claims investigated • Fraudulent claims for TVs predicted to rise in 2014

Policyholders that fraudulently ‘add’ items onto a genuine household claim formed the biggest volume of claims investigated in the first half of 2013, according to VFM Services. Continue reading

8 reasons to hire a PR agency

As you would expect of someone passionate about the power of PR, my eye was instantly drawn to a recent headline entitled ‘8 Reasons Not to Hire a PR Firm’. I read on with some trepidation and whilst I obviously did not agree with the overriding principle, some of what the author had to say did actually make sense to me. So here are my 8 reasons to hire a PR agency … Continue reading