Perception audits

Perception Audits

Perception Audits

As any consultant worth their salt will tell you, a crucial part of communicating is listening.

When planning communications activity, whether through traditional or digital channels, the ‘listening’ part can often get overlooked either because businesses assume they know what people think, or because they just focus on telling their customers and stakeholders what they want them to hear.

Whether you want to communicate externally, or just to hone your sales messages or internal communication, it is important to first understand how your audience sees things. We can help you listen to your audience with a perception audit.

We’ll work with you to identify which stakeholders you need to canvass and develop a question set to get straight to the heart of what they think and then report back to you, warts and all!

As with all our services, the perception audit is not an off the shelf product, we put it together specifically for your business and it can run as a stand alone exercise or as the pre-cursor to a PR programme.