SchemeServe launches free sanctions checking for brokers and opens the door to multi-item policies


SchemeServe, a leading provider of insurance scheme software for brokers, MGA’s, underwriting agencies and insurers, has today launched two new functions that will save brokers money on compulsory sanctions checking and allow brokers to target larger schemes portfolios with unlimited policies.


Ed Halsey, Head of Sales & Marketing at SchemeServe, explains the significance of free sanctions checking: “Everybody selling insurance to consumers must fulfil compliance and anti money laundering obligations by checking their customers against the relevant sanctions and watch lists, costing on average 10p per policy.  Across an entire book of business this can add up to a significant sum.  We are delighted to announce that we can now offer these checks as part of the SchemeServe system free of charge, saving the broker both time and money.”


SchemeServe’s second feature release is a multi page functionality, which means that brokers can now set up schemes containing unlimited items, be it properties, items, vehicles or people. This gives them the potential to service much larger portfolios of business across multiple classes of business.


Ed Halsey continues: “Brokers were telling us that they loved the affordability, speed and capability of the SchemeServe software but more and more of them were asking us to make it easier for their customers to input numerous items in a single insurance policy. It sounds like a small functional update, but the impact on a broker’s bottom line has the potential to be huge.  Essentially we have taken the brakes off!”


For further information please contact:

SJ Douglas at Spotlight Consulting: or 07909 546104


About SchemeServe

SchemeServe is a leading cloud based provider of schemes software to the insurance industry which has grown to operate more than 200 schemes and £100m of gross written premium via their software in the past two years.

SchemeServe is a white-labelled administration, distribution and underwriting SaaS solution for those operating delegated authority schemes business in both personal and commercial lines.

The company’s ‘Scheme Tailors’ are all ex-underwriters and using SchemeServe they work with brokers to design bespoke white labelled solutions for customers in 10 days or less.

The SchemeServe philosophy is Remarkable Schemes Made Simple

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