Does Size Really Matter?

Think you need a Big PR Agency?  Think Again. 


When looking for the perfect PR agency to represent your business, tell your story, and safeguard your brand, you may be drawn to the larger agencies. But when it comes to hiring a new PR agency, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.   When evaluating the benefits of public relations, and the key public relations activities that will make a difference to your business take a big picture approach and look at the small agency benefits.


There are many compelling reasons why a small agency can be just as effective, better suited to your needs, more in tune with your PR campaign ideas, and better placed to deliver results for your business.  The important thing isn’t size, but relevance.  What I mean by that is are they specialists in my sector?  Are they experienced at devising strong public relations strategies that will get our brand in front of the people who matter to us?  Do they have a track record of success, and examples of public relations strategies relevant to my business?  Do they have a good reputation amongst the media in my industry?


Specialist Service


Niche agencies are specialists in their field and maintain close relationships with editors and journalists at your key media titles.  They will also know your market, how you can stand out from the crowd, and the points of difference you can exploit, and in doing so bring to the table unique PR campaign strategies.  They will speak your language and bring to the table added value skills, contacts, and strategic counsel.



All about you


A small agency, with fewer clients will be more focussed on your needs and always willing to go the extra mile. Rather than being one of many, you will be treated as if you’re the only client.  They will immerse themselves in your business, and be committed to achieving your objectives.


Strong relationship


A small agency will place a greater emphasis on building a strong relationship with you.  You won’t have a multitude of faceless junior execs working on your account, but a trusted senior team acting as an extension of your own, who will be in constant contact with you, and there to advise and support you throughout all public relations activities.


More bang for your buck


Smaller agencies usually have lower overheads and will likely therefore be more competitive on price. As well as great personal service from a senior team, with more experienced PRs working on your account you will receive better quality and maximum output for your retainer.

They tend also to be less bureaucratic and therefore more nimble, something that will pay dividends if your business is ever in crisis or if you need to move fast on a new opportunity.


Want to know what it is really like to engage with a small PR firm?


We understand the importance of good public relations and the role it plays in the success of your business.


Spotlight Consulting is a specialist insurance public relations agency that combines big business thinking and disciplines with a personal approach to service.  We’re a small team of experienced, enthusiastic, energetic and entrepreneurial insurance PR professionals, confident in our skills and abilities, and committed to delivering demonstrable ROI to our clients by pushing our own boundaries every day, and encouraging our clients to do the same.


We are ready and waiting to tell your story.


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