47 per cent rise in motorists locking themselves out of cars

The number of people locking themselves out of their cars has increased by nearly 50 per cent compared to five years ago, according to claim figures from the UK’s leading key recovery and assistance specialists, Keycare. The company says that the rise in popularity of automatic locking systems has made it much easier for motorists to lock themselves out by accident.

Based in Shipley, Yorkshire, Keycare works in partnership with well-known motor and household insurers, to provide cover for lost or stolen keys.  Customers covered by Keycare receive a branded key fob to attach to their keys, which entitles the finder of lost keys to claim a £10 reward. The fob also provides access to an emergency assistance helpline, with a nationwide network of qualified locksmiths, which can be called on in the event of vehicle lock outs.

In 2015, Keycare handled 2,396 enquiries from people who had locked themselves out of their cars. This compares to a figure of 1,629 in 2010 – an increase of 47 per cent.

Qualified locksmiths used by Keycare are trained not only to cut replacement keys to the correct configuration, but to re-programme the (transponder) chip within the key to the car’s unique code, without which the vehicle will not start.

David Robertson, Chief Executive of Keycare, comments: “Locking yourself out of your car is much more common than a few years ago and can cause a huge amount of inconvenience and expense. Most motorists who call us have locked their car remotely and then accidentally left their keys in the boot or on the seat, before shutting the door. If you don’t have a spare, you need to remember that these vehicles now require new keys to be re-programmed to the car’s unique code, which only a specialised locksmith can do for you.  A replacement lock set can cost anything from a few hundred pounds up to in excess of £1,000 depending on the make and model*.”

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Vicki Roe at Spotlight Consulting on 07967 804140 or vicki@spotlightconsulting.co.uk

*Average lock sets now cost £689 and for some makes and models lock sets are in excess of £1,000, for example a Lexus SC 430 Auto Convertible replacement lock set (including labour and VAT) is now around £1,490.

About Keycare Ltd

Keycare Ltd is the UK’s leading expert in the key recovery and assistance market. Commissioned by leading insurers and household name distributors, Keycare specialises in recovering lost or stolen keys for their customers.  Managing over 1.8 million policies, Keycare provides a bespoke, white labelled key recovery solution together with a 24 hour UK based helpline full incident management and dedicated account management.

Keycare creates genuine business benefits for its partners, generating valuable extra income and contributing to customer loyalty and retention.

Keycare is an independent family owned business and was founded in 1977. It is based in Shipley, West Yorkshire.  Underwritten by Ageas Insurance, Keycare Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA registration no. 309514.

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