ALPS launches Van Driver plus product

ALPS, one of the UK’s leading providers of motor claims solutions, legal expenses and additional products, has announced the launch of its unique new product, Van Driver Plus.

The Van Driver Plus product is a combination of three ALPS Solutions: Auto Replace, Tools in Transit and Sole Trader Legal Expenses.  The combined policy also has new additional heads of cover and flexible cover limits to individually tailor policies.  It will be sold as a bundle, at a discounted rate, providing excellent value for money for the policyholder looking to keep costs down.

Key benefits of the Van Driver Plus policy include:

  • Created and tailored specifically for sole traders, tradespeople and other business critical van driving clients
  • Guaranteed replacement vehicle. A GHV is provided for up-to 14 days (VW Caddy equivalent) in the event of a Fault RTA, Fire, Theft or Total Loss.
  • Overnight cover for tools in transit. Instead of the van having to be on a drive or in a locked compound, it now just has to be within sight of the policyholder’s place of residence on a well-lit street.
  • Bespoke tailoring for any tradesperson who requires higher limits or has a more niche area required
  • Sole trader legal expenses cover up to £50,000 and 9 new additional heads of cover.

Core covers include Property Protection, contract dispute, Personal Injury, Jury Service and attendance expenses, Debt Recovery, Tax Investigation, Illegal Clamping and Personal Taxation cover.

Ben Lemmon, Sales and Marketing Director at ALPS, said: “ALPS Van Driver Plus is a completely unique combined policy that provides valuable, comprehensive cover for sole trader, tradespeople and van driver clients. Self-employed clients are particularly vulnerable when unforeseen events rob them of their transport, tools or time. We have listened to brokers and looked at the needs of tradespeople in terms of the covers they want and the flexibility over limits that they might need to create an appealing product which we think addresses the areas that matter most to them.”

For further information contact:

Sophie Johnston at Spotlight Consulting on 07971563246 or

SJ Wrigley at Spotlight Consulting on 07909 546104 or

About ALPS

Established in 1998, Auto Legal Protection Services – ALPS – is a leading provider of motor claims solutions, legal expenses and additional products to insurance brokers, networks and intermediaries throughout the UK. Based in Congleton, Cheshire, the company supports over 600 brokers and has over 90 staff. ALPS is authorised and regulated by the FCA.

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