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“Fantastic, thanks once again – great to see results so early and allows me to really prove the PR model to my fellow directors.”

Matt Field, Sales & Marketing Director,
Auto Legal Protection Services Ltd




A leading provider of Motor Claims Solutions, Road Rescue Services and Legal Expenses Insurance products to Insurance Brokers, Networks & Intermediaries throughout the UK.

Century UnderwritingCentury Underwriting Ltd

Century Underwriting Ltd offers brokers a boutique underwriting agency. Underwriters look to add value to the purchase of insurance by spending the time to look at each specific account, understanding the exposure, finding ways to mitigate future losses and ultimately finding solutions to the client’s problems.


Sterling Insurance Group operates across a number of different market sectors and offers a diverse range of products and services. Its business partners range from high street brokers to the UK’s leading retail banks and financial institutions.


TEn Insurance is a national broker network with more than 90 members. It is a supplier of outsourced broking services to insurance professionals who wish to retain their own corporate identity and client relationships. It challenges the most entrepreneurial and the most motivated to dare to dream.

BA 150berkeley alexander

Berkeley Alexander Ltd, a general insurance wholesaler, offers IFAs and mortgage brokers a wide range of personal and commercial lines of insurance. Drawing on a number of insurers, it is known for its comprehensive range of competitive, innovative products.


Bexhill is the only premium finance provider to offer brokers the opportunity to generate their own income whilst ensuring they remain in total control of the relationship with their clients by enabling brokers to establish and manage their own premium funding company. Bexhill also provides a direct credit facility and specialises in supporting the SME broking sector.


Orchard Funding Ltd, is the market leader in the provision of professional fee funding solutions to accounting firms, legal practices, professionals and small businesses. Unique in the market the Orchard solution is a fully automated web-based system, designed to offer the most effective, hassle free and transparent route to client fee funding.

Prismlogo150 PRISM

Prism provides a national disaster recovery and building repair service to the insurance and property sectors.


The pioneer of conversation management, VFM Services works with major insurers and brokers across a range of market sectors to help them manage fraudulent insurance claims. Its innovative desktop screening technique delivers a highly effective counter fraud solution for both opportunistic and professional fraud, eliminating the need for lengthy field investigation, reducing claims lifecycle and lowering claims costs.